My Dog’s Trip to the Vet 

Over the years we have learnt a lot about dog behaviour and what triggers awkward behaviour. A major leap forwards was when the veterinary profession embraced the concept of early socialisation. 

Early socialisation means exposing a young dog (preferrable from a puppy) to as many sounds, smells, sights and experiences as possible while ensuring they feel safe. This means that new and different experiences can be taken in their stride. 

From a vet visit point of view this means coming to see us as much as possible and that doesn’t mean we want your dog to be poorly all the time!!

When we first meet your new dog we like to take the opportunity to go and visit all the staff in the clinical area. We can assure you that they will be spoilt and cuddled and given treats! Not only because we love our four-legged visitors but also because we know that if they like us they will be much more relaxed when they have to visit us for medical reasons.  

So visit for a weigh on the waiting room scales when passing or when collecting anti-parasitic medication. 

Bring your dog a little bit hungry so treats are more interesting. We have a variety of treats but if on a special diet or fussy please bring your own. 

All dogs must be on a lead with a well fitted collar that they can’t reverse out of. Harnesses are not very good at controlling direction and when in a medical environment this can be important. Flexi leads can also be awkward to use so a solid single lead is recommended. 

If your dog is very stressed or very vocal, please wait in the car or outside. Not only will the noise stress other patients, it will escalate your own dog’s anxiety. 

If your dog gets so stressed that it is a problem we can use drugs that increase serotonin in the brain and reduce anxiety.

We can plan your trip based on the individual needs of your dog so please talk to the nurses or vets about how both of you can have a better experience at the vets. 

Our aim is to make your trip as positive as possible for you and your dog.

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