FREE access to veterinary advice and support until 31st May.


FREE access to veterinary advice and support until 31st May.


FREE access to veterinary advice and support until 31st May.


FREE access to veterinary advice and support until 31st May.

"by far the best vets in the local area" Lauren Bramley-Green
"the staff were amazing" Joanna Dighton
"very helpful, efficient & polite" Samantha Dubois
"sincere empathy, thought & understanding" Debby Reed
"clean, friendly, efficient" Sharon Taylor
"can't fault them" Ross Henry
"so kind - could not have asked for more" Kim & Les Seager
"always put animal welfare above everything else" Lauren Bramley-Green
"very friendly and helpful" Janet West
"enormous experience, skill and understanding" Polly Nanoh
"the vet went above and beyond " Natalie Mclean
"very caring" Dan Roberts
"would recommend to anyone" Julie Hillier
"very professional and very pleasant" June Hancock
"cannot recommend highly enough" Nigel Charman
"a really professional caring service" Adrian Comber
"very personable, friendly and sensitive to my needs" Jade-Leigh Rogers
"best vets around" Alison Villiers
"lovely vet, great staff" Stephen Munday
"would highly recommend" Sue Burroughs
"very pleasant experience" Tim Giles
" kind, supportive and caring " Lesley Taylor
"Warm, friendly reception staff and most importantly brilliant vets" Angelo Sklinitzis
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Client Information

Q. How much is a Vet consultation?

A. £49.20

Q. How much is a Nurse consultation?

A. £25.00

Q. How do I register a new pet?

A. You can register for a new pet here.

Q. How do I sign up for the monthly payment plan?

A. You can sign up for our monthly payment plan here.

Q. Can I see the same vet every time?

A. Of course! We will always encourage you to have the same vet so you, your pet and our staff have a great sense of continuuity. We might sometimes ask you to see someone else if the vet is off or another staff member has a skill set in a particular field you might need.

Q. How do I know if it is time to say goodbye to my pet?

A. This can be an incredibly difficult decision to make. Feel free to give us a ring. We have a team of people dedicated to helping you get through this tough decision, and what your options might be.

Q. Can I have a payment plan?

A. We understand times can be difficult. If your pet needs treatment then have a chat with us and we will see what we can do for you. We are here to help you and your pet where we can

Q. What do I need to do take my pet abroad?

A. You will need an AHC or Animal Health Certificate. The Pet Passport is no longer valid. Send us a message or call us for more details.

Q. Can I buy my pets medicine online?

A. Certainly! We can provide a written prescription enabling you to purchase your pet's medication online. Simply ask for a written prescription and we can organise this for you. Be aware there are some terms and conditions for controlled drugs.

Q. Are you feline friendly?

A. Oh yes. We have an amazing cat suite due to open, dedicated cat consult rooms and a separate cat waiting room. These areas are all equipped with cat calming pheremones to try and prevent or alleviate any stress for your feline companion's vet visit.

Q. Are you dog friendly?

A. You bet!

Q. What do I do if I find an injured animal?

A. Please give us a call and we can advise you further. We can help injured wildlife and strays but they must clearly be injured otherwise please leave them alone.  If you see a bird that appears fine but is lying still or flat DO NOT GO NEAR IT OR PICK IT UP! There is an ongoing issue with bird flu which can affect humans, so please contact the council immediately.

Q. What if I find a stray cat?

A. Please leave it alone, most cats will comfortably wander a fair distance away from home. Do not feed the stray, as this can encourage it to stay away from home! You can find further advice on the . We are unable to take in strays unless they are injured and require medical treatment.

Q. What if I find a stray dog?

A. Firstly you should knock on the doors of the area where you have found the dog, most owners are very close. If this is not succesful make a note of where you are and give us a call. If safe to do so, bring the stray dog in to us so we can scan for a microchip and hopefully reunite the dog with their owner. We are unable to take in strays unless they are injured and require medical treatment.

Q. What do I do if my pet needs an operation?

A. Don't worry, we will have everything prepared for your pet's visit. A member of the clinical team will call you with specific instructions on what to do . If you are concerned or have questions contact us via any of our platforms. We are here to help.

Q. Can I put my cat in kennels if they are sick?

A. Potentially, yes. We work with a few local catteries so contact them first as they may be able to help you directly. We are able to liase with the catteries who deal with certain conditions, such as FELV.

Q. Will a vet come to my house?

A. We can do home visits. Please call us for details on how to arrange and the cost. Please remember there is a lot to consider when a vet leaves the building

Q. Do you offer hydrotherapy?

A. We work with a fantastic Hydrotherapist and Chiropractor at our Sea Street branch who runs her own business.

Q. Do you offer grooming?

A. We worth with a fantastic groomer and Chiropractor at our Sea Street branch who runs her own business. Dedicated to making sure your pet has a stress free journey.

Q. Can my pet have Specialist surgery?

A. Yes, Andrei is a travelling Orthopaedic surgeon who visits us.

In the modern veterinary practice we have the means to diagnose and treat a great many more conditions than ever before and with the increasing knowledge of the average person, expectations for treatment are also higher.  Expectations for emergency services to almost parallel human facilities and the labour costs of unsocial hours also contribute to prices.  Unfortunateley these advances are not without cost.  The capital required just to maintain facilities for these functions and keeping staff trained to the highest possible levels keep prices high.

There are still significant numbers of animals that are given less than ideal treatment or cannot have remedial surgery because the owners budget will not allow.  Even now we occasionally have to euthanase an animal due to costs of therapy.

Having a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all eventualities means you do not have this concern.  Decide whether you are looking for a higher excess to reduce premiums, cover just for large unexpected emergency bills, lifetime cover, other secondary cover such as third party liability.

It is not our purpose to recommend any single insurance policy or company.  This information is to help you ask the right questions and look at policies critically so you can have the best cover for your needs that you can afford.  If you have any specific questions about a policy it is always better to ring the company and ask them.

Type Of Cover

Some policies will only have one type of cover, others will have different levels of cover from a budget type to a super deluxe.  The simplest way to decide is to get the highest cover you can afford but if you do not want to pay any extra look at less common expenses such as holiday cancellation cover or refund of purchase price if lost or strayed.  The different levels of cover usually have distinct differences in how much they will pay out so look closely at the figures and excess charges.

Veterinary Fees

This is the most common reason people insure their pets.  Look at how much is covered for one condition in one year.  Will that cover continue after renewal next year and will it be for the same amount of money or is it limited?  Most policies have a limit per condition but this may be a lifetime limit regardless of when it is reached or an annual limit that is renewed at renewal time each year.  Some policies will exclude a condition you have claimed for when you renew - so you cannot claim for that same condition in subsequent years.  This type of policy will not cover your pet for any chronic condition that needs long term therapy like heart disease, arthritis or diabetes after the first year.  Be aware of the limitations of 'New Year', 'New Policy'.

It may also be worth looking at alternative or complementary therapies.  Many therapies that we consider mainstream are still classed as 'alternative' such as hydrotherapy for joint and surgical recovery, other physiotherapy techniques and acupuncture.  Prescription diets are covered by some insurance policies but not all.  Most policies will not cover pre-existing condition so you cannot have a condition looked at by a vet then take out insurance for the treatment!  There will also be a period after starting insurance when a claim cannot be made (usually about two weeks).

Insurance policies do not cover the the cost of routine treatment such as vaccinations, neutering, worm treatment, flea treatment or dentistry. Our PHC (monthly health club) covers essential preventative treatment with a discount to other products and services.

Age Of Pet

Most policies will continue to cover a pet that has a policy in place as it heads into old age.  Check this on any policy you are looking at but also check when the premiums will be as they age.  Averagely policy costs will increase as the age of your increases.  Usually animals over a certain age (often around 9 or 10) will not be able to get new cover.

Making A Claim

Once the fees for a condition have exceeded the excess then it probably worth making a claim.  Even if you do not make a claim some policies have a stipulation that you must notify them of any changes in you pet's health.  If that is what the the policy says, take no chances and tell them about even the most minor trip to the vets.  The most common way to claim is to obtain an insurance claim form from the company and leave it with us to fill in the veterinary information.  Ask the insurance company how long they take to process claims.

Changing Your Policy Or Company

In our experience pet owners will often look to change their policy or provider once a claim has been made or premiums have been increased. If you decide to change the policy or company, you must be aware that anything you have previously claimed or has been mentioned in clinical notes at any time may no longer be covered. If you wish to maintain cover for a previously mentioned or diagnosed condition you will need to negotiate this for the new policy.

What Are The Alternatives To Insurance?

Some people decide, having paid for a policy for years and never claiming, that they will cancel their insurance.  This is a big gamble to take as often done as the pet is getting older and is more likely to need treatment..  If you have the financial discipline to set up a savings fund for veterinary fees, you may feel you would rather have control over your own money.  The obvious disadvantage to this is the risk in the early stages that there would not be enough money for a major incident like a broken limb or intensive care.  It may not be enough in the long term if a chronic condition requiring expensive drugs and on going medical care is dispensed.

Please click on the relevant link below to view/download our policy:

Broadway Prescribing Policy
Antibiotic Usage Guidelines
CBD Products

Please click on the link below to view/download our quality of life questionnaire.

QOL Questionnaire (PDF Format)

Alternatively, please right-click and "save as" on the relevant link below if you wish to download a spreadsheet version of the form:-

QOL Questionnaire (Excel Format)

QOL Questionnaire (Numbers Format)

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